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An annual registration fee of $45.00* reserves your child's place in class and includes a Westwood t-shirt.  As long as you are enrolled as a current student, your registration fee will be billed to your account annually.  

*$45.00 for the 1st child / *$35.00 for the 2nd child / *$25.00 for each additional child





The regular rate of tuition is due between the 1st and 10th of each month and can be paid via cash, check or credit card.  You will receive a $5.00 discount off the regular rate of tuition if you enroll in our autopay feature.  Please note you will be responsible for a $5.00 late fee if tuition is not received by the tenth.  We offer a sibling discount of 10% of your 2nd child's tuition and 30% off each additional child's tuition.  We also offer a multi class discount, adding a second class is only $45.00 more per month.

Tuition Rates:  $80 / $75 autopay for 45 min, $ 85/ $80 autopay for 55 min classes and $95 / $90 autopay for 85 min classes.



Recital Fee & Costume Fee

A non refundable recital fee of $80.00 is due at the time of registration.

​A non refundable costume fee will be due in December and will range from $90 - $100 per costume.



Months Notice


Westwood requires a full months notice if you intend to withdraw a student from classes.  Dancers may withdraw from classes prior to close for Christmas break.  After December, all dancers will be billed until recital.  You must call or stop by the office to put in your drop notice.  If a student has not attended class and has not paid by the 15th of the month, he/she will be dropped from classes and billed for that month. You are responsible for your remaining costume balance.



Holidays & Missed Classes


The gym is closed for New Years, Easter, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas.  

Full tuition is due each month and is not prorated based on classes missed or holidays.  



Dance Attire

Dancewear, tights, bun kits, and all dance shoes can be purchased with Ms. Kim at Westwood. Hair should always be pulled back in a bun and away from the face. Please refer to class descriptions for each classes particular attire.


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Summer Dance Classes

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